5 Key benefits of a High Protein Diet





Most people have heard how important Protein is in an athlete’s diet, for years we have seen the headlines on magazines, blogs, websites and billboards but it is only more recently that the general population are starting to notice and accept that they too should probably eat more protein because of it’s benefits. Over last couple of years a number of big, common & unhealthy brands are even jumping on the band wagon with high protein cereals and chocolate bars which is an indication that even they have realised people are becoming more aware of the benefits.


I’m going to keep it simple, sure there are tonnes of benefits but lets stick to the main.

1 – Improved Recovery – When we exercise the stress and by-products damage the muscle. This is normal and is an essential process with exercise in order to improve. Protein helps repair the damaged muscle and therefore adapt to the training stimulus. But the body is very smart, when damaged and then repaired it doesn’t repair it back to the previous state, but with the right nutrition, hydration, rest & recovery your body will adapt to be slightly better than before which is how we improve within our training. The better the recovery the better we adapt to training.

2 – Increased Satiety – Protein helps us to feel fuller for longer, helping reduce the cravings and hunger pangs and can help reduce the unnecessary snacking which can lead to those extra calories being consumed. This is because protein is harder for the body to break down and digest.

3 – Muscle Gain/Tone – As mentioned in the first point, it helps us recover quicker between bouts of exercise. Exercise combined with a healthy diet high in protein will help improve the muscle tone in women & men.

4 – Better Performance – With improved recovery this allows us to repeat regular exercise, reduce the risk of itest_!njury and generally be healthier. This combination over time due to the adaptation cycle will lead to better performance due to the constant breaking down and rebuilding that happened with exercise and recovery. Your body is very smart, providing you provide the right training stimulus followed by the correct nutrition and recovery it will adapt and you will see improvements in your training & results.

5 – Lots of Variety – High Protein source food provides you with a lot of variety helping you keep your diet exciting and fresh rather than boring and stale. You have Chicken, Beef, Fish, Turkey, Eggs, Nuts & Seeds, Quorn & lentils to name a few. Mix these sources with a variety of cooking methods, sides and spices and you should never feel bored of your diet!the-best-high-protein-foods-