Battle Oats – The Perfect Snack


So the Easter Bank Holiday weekend has been and gone, too much chocolate was consumed which pretty much summed up my entire nutritional intake for the last few days. Even resorted to having milk and coco pops INSIDE an Easter egg as an edible bowl








But the long weekend wasn’t all just sat lazing around in my joggers eating chocolate, I had a chance to meet up with a couple mates I haven’t seen in a while and went hiking in Edale. The route was 13 miles and the night before we checked the weather forecast…

Poor Visibility





The route was mixed with jogging and stopping to take a few selfies, have a talk and eat! We all had packed some boil in the bag style rations (As you can see we dined in style) and I had brought enough Battle Oat bars to see us through a few days just in case, you know, we got lost. After all I was the one with the Map & Compass so anything could of happened.

Battle Oat bars are the perfect snack for the active individual on the go, based around natural ingredients, high in protein and good quality carbohydrates it is perfect to fuel any adventure and fill you up in between your food stops.

I had my Garmin Fenix 3 and HR monitor on for the full trip and it has calculated that just from the activity that I had burnt 2300 Calories! 2300 CALORIES! That’s on top of the regular intake that I need to consume which is around 2700 Calories so for that day I would of needed to consume around 5000 Calories just to maintain my expenditure. That’s a l5581ot of food! And I probably didn’t hit that amount throughout the day because it wasn’t until late on that I looked at the Calories.

When being active it is very important to keep fuelled and hydrated. High energy bars like Battle Oats make it so much easier to cram some extra calories in without weighing you down or taking up a lot of room in your day sack making it extremely convenient.