Learning the Snatch & Progressions for beginners



Olympic Lifting especially the Snatch is a very technically difficult movement to be able to perform efficiently. Because of this it needs to be broken down in to the different stages of the lift and gradually work towards piecing the stages together in one fluent movement.


Olympic lifting over the years has grown in popularity, their are now more people attending competitions, gyms and using the movements as part of their everyday training. In order to perform the exercise correctly and safely the athlete needs to be technically sound, powerful, strong and very mobile. The latter being the main reason what holds people back because they cant achieve the bottom position comfortably.


The Snatch is broken down in to different phases, 1st Pull, Transition, 2nd Pull, Turnover, Catch & Recovery. Before even attempting the Snatch it is important that the athlete become strong and efficient in the Overhead Squat. If you can’t achieve this then you will never be able to Snatch to your full potential and also putting yourself at an increased risk of injury.

To learn the snatch I find that a top down approach works best, so after you have mastered the Over head squat just begin to reverse engineer the Snatch itself.


Overhead Squat > Snatch Balances > Heaving Snatch Balances > High Hang Muscle Snatches > High Hang Power Snatch > High Hang Squat Snatch


Muscle Snatch from Hip > Power Snatch from Hip > Squat Snatch from Hip > Muscle Snatch from Knee > Power Snatch from Knee > Squat Snatch from Knee


Muscle Snatch > Power Snatch > Full Snatch


Above is the progressions that I would go off, breaking each part down and practicing until becoming efficient before moving on to the next. Technique is everything with this so you ideally have to work with a coach who can help you with breaking down and teaching you the technique. Take your time with this, it is a very frustrating lift and so easy to get wrong, the moment something is off slightly whether it be the bar path, timing, coordination, anything, then you will fail that lift or at least put yourself at risk of an injury so take your time but most of all enjoy it!