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Nutrition Tips


Are you tired of trying tons of ways to build muscles? Things will never work for you no matter how hard you try. Well, you may be doing it all the wrong way. I remember feeling the same way a few years back. You are not alone! Many try every possible training method to gain muscle mass but fail ...
5 tips to enjoy a healthier Christmas - ICON Nutrition

5 tips to enjoy a healthier Christmas

If there was ever a time to just let loose and enjoy ourselves, then it would be at Christmas. But that doesn't mean all of our healthy habits need to go out the window. It's about balance but being kind to ourselves and cutting ourselves a bit of slack! Here at Icon we have some simple tips t...
Struggling to perform to your maximum? This could be why! - ICON Nutrition

Struggling to perform to your maximum? This could be why!

Hydration & Sporting Performance When it comes to improving your performance and giving you the edge over the competition a lot of people immediately start to look at supplements, new training routines, exercises etc. Maybe they may look in to their nutrition strategies or even lifestyle/sle...
Nutrition – Priorities for results! - ICON Nutrition

Nutrition – Priorities for results!

In the world of Nutrition it is very easy to be confused, not knowing where to start or who’s advice you should listen to and can soon be quite easy to sack it off all together. I like to take a simple approach with my nutrition, KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!). If we look at the pyramid in the p...