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  • Depending on the type of sport, there are various tips and recommendations for proper nutrition. There are also certain rules to be observed when lifting weights. With the right diet and supplementation in strength athletes, muscle building, strength performance and regeneration between units can... View Post
  • Crossfit is one of the greatest fitness movements of the last decades and attracts new sports enthusiasts year after year. But those who do Crossfit not only go to their physical limits but should also aim for a diet that is in harmony with the sport. In this article, you will find out what the o... View Post
  • Sometimes, making it to the gym every day for your CrossFit workout might seem an unachievable feat. However, this unwillingness is no excuse to miss your WOD. While a typical CrossFit workout involves lots of equipment, performing these exercises at home is easier than you think. On top of that,... View Post
  • Becoming a parent changes you, whether you are a Mum or a Dad, and it changes all of your relationships. You begin a new relationship with your partner as you start to navigate your new role of raising a child, the relationship you have with your parents changes as you perhaps start to understand... View Post
  • High-intensity power training (HIPT) remains an unclear subject due to being a relatively new concept for most people across the globe. There are only a couple of research-based articles available about HIPT. This lack of information makes the HIPT training program hard to differentiate from high... View Post
  • We have described how we can sensibly lose fat with a healthy diet and CrossFit, it is now the turn of all those who want to build as much muscle mass as possible during the challenge. A few things have to be made clear in advance: In order to grow, our muscles not only need the right training s... View Post
  • When following a CrossFit training regimen, your diet is as crucial as the workout itself. You will have to adjust your diet depending on your fitness goals. For instance, you will have to add food items to your diet plan that help you lose fat if you perform CrossFit workouts for weight loss. Ha... View Post
  • The Crossfit training unit "HIPT" is the new calorie miracle - this is even confirmed by a study. Endurance sport has so far been considered the calorie burner but running the same route over and over again gets boring at some point. Time for a change - and preferably one that burns as many calor... View Post