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Synchronise Sleep and Recovery

Struggling To Sleep? Not Recovering Quickly?

Pssst, if we told you that you could get an edge in your chosen sport simply by catching the zzz’s, would you believe us? Seem too good to be true?

Well, it’s not. Research shows that sleep is crucial for optimal athletic performance and is one of the most underrated elements to improving your health and fitness overall.  



ZMA - SNACS Lab Approved

Our SNAC labs approved ZMA product is the best ZMA supplement on the market, hands down. We only used the research-backed proven registered formula unlike many other brands. For better, deeper REM sleep cycles and improved rest and recovery try supplementing with ZMA.

HIBERNATE - Casein with 5HTP

Designed to help keep your sleep and recovery in sync. Micellar casein is a slow digesting protein source, designed to stimulate protein synthesis throughout the night through a time-release of amino acids. This slow ‘drip-feed’ of amino acids assists with the promotion of muscle building whilst you have a deep and restful sleep.

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