Definitive Guide to the Benefits of Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder

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You’re probably aware of the significant health benefits that whey protein poses; acting as a terrific addition to a balanced diet that helps finely sculpts the human body. Often coming in the form of a powder that can be made into a shake, whey protein is an extremely popular muscle enhancing product that many different fitness enthusiasts use in order to perform at the peak of their physical abilities. However, what you might not be so familiar with is the concept of grass fed whey protein, and how the unique blend of ingredients present in this particular strand of nutritional powder offer a wide variety of additional advantages that other muscle enhancing substances on the market are unable to provide.

Everyone knows that a balanced diet goes a long way towards improving and maintaining general health – with a rich supply of vitamins, minerals, fruit, and vegetables needed to allow the human body to function and develop. As well as leafy greens and general nutrients, your body also requires a healthy dose of protein in order to stay fit and strong, and slipping a serving of whey protein powder into your diet is a great way to help aid muscle development.

Amino acids are essential for building muscle and increasing fitness levels, and the ingredients present in whey protein provide these amino acids that the human body so sorely needs when it comes to increasing muscle recovery. A good source of protein is required for any person wishing to develop a lean, muscular frame, and grass fed whey protein can act as one of the best ways to get the most out of this essential nutritional supplement and enjoy the rewards.

What Is Grass Fed Whey Protein?

Grass fed whey protein is one of the most natural ways to significantly increase the amount of protein present in your diet. Originating from the freshest milk from the fittest cows, grass fed whey protein differs from other nutritional health supplements given how it is generated in such a particular and specific way. Grass fed whey protein comes from grass fed cows, and any type of animal who eats healthily in the way that they are supposed to will produce the best products suitable for human consumption. Naturally occurring brain chain amino acids are highly present in this particular type of sports supplement, and offer an enormous range of benefits that many other protein powders lose during the production process. 

What Are The Benefits? 

There are a huge amount of protein powders out there on the market, and every single one of them advertises themselves on the fact that they actively improve the way you perform when you engage in physical activity. So what makes grass fed whey protein so different from the rest? The consumption of grass fed whey protein actually poses a wide variety of health benefits for your body that other supplements do not, several of which are listed below:

1.The Best From The Beginning

The way in which whey protein is created often goes a long way to determining the beneficial effects it can have for both your body and health in general. Grass fed whey protein has the edge on so many other different protein supplements given how it’s created in the best possible environment – meaning that by the time it finds its way into your system, all of the beneficial properties remain active. Grass fed whey protein comes from cows who eat fresh, green natural grass like Mother Nature intended. Any cow chomping down on a healthy, natural diet will produce the very best milk under stress-free conditions, meaning that the protein powder created from this milk will be pure and packing all the necessary nutrients. The very best milk contains vitamins A and E which are essential for muscle development, and also contributes to your skin’s collagen for a healthy, glowing natural look. With grass fed whey protein you get the best from the beginning – which is what’s required in order for a protein shake to work to the best of its ability and help you get the results that you want. 

2.Improving Planet Earth

That’s right – by eating grass fed whey protein, you can actually do your bit for mother earth and help save the planet. Cows are one of the biggest producers of methane on the planet – and this problematic gas is actually one of the most significant contributors of the kind of greenhouse gases that are damaging the planet and playing a huge role in climate change. Cows who eat a natural diet – and not a food cycle that’s tainted by genetically modified substances – produce far less methane than cows who are fed corn and crops. As a result, you can do your bit for mother earth by purchasing and taking grass fed whey protein – boosting the sales of a supplement that keeps cows healthy and helps prevent them from contributing to global warming. With grass fed whey protein, you can rest easy and feel safe in the knowledge that you’ve done your bit for the environment. 

3. Clean Living 

Grass fed whey protein is terrific for enhancing and sculpting muscles, but it also has general health benefits given how it originates from cows that eat grass that isn’t doused with chemicals. Any cows that consume grass which has been heavily sprayed with herbicides or pesticides end up producing a type of milk that is tainted. Ultimately, any protein created out of this milk will contain elements and strands of the chemicals found on the grass which was consumed, rendering the final product unhelpful and distasteful. Grass fed whey protein comes from cows who exclusively eat natural grass that’s free of all the chemicals that pose a risk to the benefiting elements of protein powder, producing a final product that’s clean and healthy for human consumption. 

4. Fat Battling

Cows that are allowed to roam free and gorge on fresh, natural grass have been found to develop extremely high CLA levels – a fatty acid that is particularly useful for the human body when it comes to burning unwanted fat. Conjugated linoleic acids (widely known as CLA fats) are a family of acids that contain all the properties required for the erosion of excess fats, and some medical professionals have even suggested that they may be useful when it comes to fighting cancer as well. Regular, ordinary protein powders which are made using cows fed corn or genetically modified foods have sufficiently lower amounts of CLA present in their ingredients. By consuming grass fed whey protein you can go a long way to getting rid of any fats that have been lingering on your body for a frustrating amount of time – transforming them into lean muscle instead and actively improving your physical appearance. 

5.Top-notch Animal Care

Getting your protein from hormone-free cows isn’t just beneficial for you and your body, it’s also a lot better in terms of animal care. Cows that are allowed to roam free and behave in a natural way are less likely to fall ill or under stress, meaning that the milk they produce is fresh, healthy and posing all the very best benefits for significant human muscle development. By purchasing grass fed whey protein, you’ll be endorsing and supporting the very best kind of care for these animals, and making an active contribution to the improvement of cattle care as a result. Cows that are placed under unnecessary stress and/or fed foods that aren’t strictly appropriate for their diet often produce milk that’s riddled with contaminated substances, and grass fed whey protein comes solely from animals that have eaten correctly and lived a satisfied life. A happy cow allows for a healthy you. By switching to grass fed whey protein, you can improve recovery, muscle development, and also make sure that animals are taken care of and looked after in the best possible way. 

Bettering yourself can be a tough ordeal, with the human body craving an enormous variety of dietary requirements in order to develop a healthy appearance and demeanour. But by getting some tasty grass fed why protein in your daily diet, you can provide your body with all the ingredients it needs – improving your physical look, packing on lean muscle and shedding unwanted and stubborn fats from your body. It’s a healthy supplement that’s created in the most natural way possible – and going to the effort of making it a part of your typical day’s diet can make you healthy, contribute to a happy and content state of mind, and also allow you to do your bit for the environment and animal care whilst you’re at it.

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