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  •   We’ve all heard the eat right and exercise for better health spiel at least twice in our lives (probably more). Whether it’s a conversation between you and your doctor or one that you’ve had with a parent, we all understand the importance of adopting healthy habits to improve our physical well-... View Post
  • The Ironman is a 17-hour long endurance triathlon event originally held in Hawaii by the Ironman organization but now takes place worldwide. There are many triathlon events that are the Ironman distance that are marketed under different names. The Ironman distance is an amazing challenge that wil... View Post
  • A triathlon is a demanding multi-disciplinary sport that requires a lot of dedication and effort. Great skill in swimming, cycling and pacing the run need to be combined to make one beast of an athlete to compete in this sport. Considering the varied demands placed upon your body it just makes se... View Post
  • If you are a cyclist with a few years of experience under your belt, you probably have a good understanding of the training and nutrition required to perform at your best. However, when it comes to supplementation it gets murky. Every day you get bombarded with advertisements of all sorts of supp... View Post
  • When you first start CrossFit, it is an extremely exciting time. For most people, there are upwards of 50 plus new movements to learn. Some of them are simple and easy to pick up, others can feel impossible. The important thing to remember is that not all movements are created equally.  To start... View Post
  • Depending on the type of sport, there are various tips and recommendations for proper nutrition. There are also certain rules to be observed when lifting weights. With the right diet and supplementation in strength athletes, muscle building, strength performance and regeneration between units can... View Post
  • Crossfit is one of the greatest fitness movements of the last decades and attracts new sports enthusiasts year after year. But those who do Crossfit not only go to their physical limits but should also aim for a diet that is in harmony with the sport. In this article, you will find out what the o... View Post
  • Sometimes, making it to the gym every day for your CrossFit workout might seem an unachievable feat. However, this unwillingness is no excuse to miss your WOD. While a typical CrossFit workout involves lots of equipment, performing these exercises at home is easier than you think. On top of that,... View Post