ICON Partner WODs 1 to 5

Today we are bringing you the first in a series of ICON Partner WOD's which will focus on giving you ideas for working out with 1 partner (separate series coming for teams of 3).

The idea here is to push yourself further by being accountable to a partner and also enjoying the environment of a partner wod.

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7 min AMRAP

400m run
Into You Go I Go (YGIG)
10 Deadlifts 42.5/30kg
5 Down ups

2 min rest

7 min AMRAP

400m run
8 Front squats 42.5/30kg
5 Hand release press ups

2 min rest

7 min AMRAP

400m run
6 STOH 42.5/30kg
5 Air squats

Each 7 min starts with a 400m run followed by a AMRAP of barbell and gymnastic movements.

You DO NOT have to stay together on the run. If one of you wants to run faster then start your round that's fine.

Athlete 1 must complete a full round, so all the barbell reps and all the gymnastic reps before athlete 2 can start.

This should be a workout where you move fast with short breaks.


In Pairs You Go I Go

7 min AMRAP
12 Wall balls 20/14lb
6 Down ups

2 min rest

7 min AMRAP
9/7 cals (Bike, Row or SKI)
12 Hand Release Push Ups

2 min rest

7 min AMRAP
8 Box Jumps 24/20in
8 Toes to Bar

Scale to keep the intensity! Aim to go unbroken when its your turn


IN PAIRS - 30 min cap

800m run together
100 Goblet squats 24/16kg
200 Russian Kettle Bell Swings
100 Press ups
25 Syncro down ups
200 Air Squats
100 Hollow Rocks
200 Plate hops (onto a 10kg plate)
800m run together

All work to be split equally.

Only 1 person working at a time apart from the syncro down ups and runs.

The KB swings cannot be done in sets bigger than 25.

Keep the intensity up.



Reps to be split equally

Check in 20 syncro bar over burpee (opposites)

Into 42-30-18
Front squat 42.5/30kg
Pull up

Into 42-30-18
Shoulder To Overhead 42.5/30kg
Deadlift 42.5/30kg

Into 42-30-18
Hang power clean 42.5/30kg
Syncro sit ups

Check out 20 syncro bar over burpee (opposites)


3 x 7 min AMRAPS in pairs.

All reps to be split equally, keep to short numbers to keep the intensity up.

120 wall balls 20/14lb
(no one to one reps)
Remaining time AMRAP Calories on Assault bike

3 min rest

150 Russian KB swings 24/16kg
Remaining time AMRAP Bar touching burpees

3 min rest

120 Single arm DB STOH 22.5/15kg
(each athlete to do 30 each arm)
Remaining time AMRAP Cal Row

Score is total reps of all 3 AMRAPS

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