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10 Simple Home Workouts You Can Try - ICON Nutrition

10 Simple Home Workouts You Can Try

With everything going on at the moment you might find it hard to get to your gym or your gym may even have to close for a short period. This can be frustrating however, it's no excuse to let your fitness drop.

So instead of focusing on not been able to hit your max lifts let's instead focus on maintaining your fitness and overall health during this period.

Stuck for ideas? Well we've got your covered with 10 simple but effective *workouts to try :-)

*Workouts designed with minimal equipment, feel free to change movements to something more suitable if required and remember to warm up first :-)

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10 Rounds For Time

5 burpee
10 press up
15 air squat

24 Minute EMOM

Minute 1 - 15 sit ups
Minute 2 - 20 alternating lunge
Minute 3 - Max down ups
Minute 4 - rest

Score is total down ups after your 6 rounds


0 to 10 minutes:

Run 1 mile as fast as possible

10-16 minutes:

15 hollow rock
15 hand release press ups
15 jumping air squats

4 Rounds for Time

400m run
50 DUs (100 singles

For Time

Double unders

Air squats
Sit ups

Mix It up

Grab a ruck sack, and fill to male it around 10/7kg /

Leave your house and run as far as possible in 10 minutes.

On 10 mins turn around and head home. Once back complete:

100 alternating reverse lunges with your Ruck sack still on

On a rolling clock

0-3 mins max burpee
3-6 mins max sit ups
6-9 mins max press ups
9-12 mins max alternating lunge
12-15 mins rest
Then repeat

For Time

400m run
15 burpee box jump/step ups*
*use a chair/sofa/wall anything where you have to jump or step up


Tabata 20 seconds on 10 off x 8:

Sit ups or hollow rock
1 min rest
Air squat or jumping air squat
1 min rest
Press up or hand release press up
1 min rest

30 Minute EMOM

Min 1 - 50 DUs (100 singles)
Min 2 - 12 down ups
Min 3 - 10 sit ups + 10 air squat

Bonus WOD - Pete's Personal Fav

20-19-18-17... down to 1


into 400 meter run!

Yes that's right, that's a 400 meter run after each set of Burpees! Don't hate us, hate Pete ;-)

About the Author: Peter Stubbins

​​Peter is Co-Owner and coach at CrossFit Hull and CrossFit Humber in East Yorkshire, UK.

Qualified CrossFit Level 1 and Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Workout Programmer for the Yorkshire Games / @yorkshiregames

You can find him:
Instagram : @petestubbins86