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Vanilla Cake Batter Belgian Protein Waffle

Vanilla Cake Batter Belgian Protein Waffle

1 Serving Per Recipe:

Amount Per Serving - 1 Waffle

Calories 240
Fat 4g
Carbohydrates 20g
Protein 31g


1 Scoop ICON Nutrition Grass Fed Whey Protein (Cinnamon Vanilla Swirl)
20g Bisquick Heart Healthy Pancake Mix
5g Coconut Flour
46g Egg Whites (can sub with a whole egg to make it even more fluffy if you can afford the fats in your macros)
2g Zero Cal Sweetener of your choice
1g Vanilla Extract
2g Baking Powder
Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk until you get a batter like consistency


1. Mix your dry ingredients in a bowl to avoid clumping. Add your egg whites to another bowl and mix in your dry ingredients. Slowly add water or almond milk to get a thick but not too thick batter consistency.

2. Preheat your belgian waffle maker and cook until golden. Pro tip: if your batter is too runny, add it to the freezer to thicken up. Coconut flour will retain more liquid over time.

3. While that’s cooking, you can make your optional protein icing to add on top. This will be with 10g ICON Nutrition Whey Protein (Cinnamon Vanilla Swirl) and 1g Zero Cal Sweetener of your choice.

Add a very little amount of liquid and mix. Repeat this process until you get a nice, but not too thick icing. Add your icing to a mini icing bottle. You can always use a spoon too!

4. Once your waffle is done, let it cool. Then add your icing or whatever toppings you want. I added fat free reddi whip, my protein icing, and some sprinkles. Enjoy!