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14 CrossFit Workouts That You Have To Try At Least Once - ICON Nutrition

14 CrossFit Workouts That You Have To Try At Least Once

CrossFit workouts typically combine olympic lifting and gymnastic movements, sprints, and bodyweight exercises such as push-ups and burpees. The sport is growing rapidly, with people from all walks of life pursuing CrossFit workouts to get fit, healthy and strong!

CrossFit workouts are fun but physically demanding. They require you to be strong at high heart rate whilst still maintaining good form and technique. When you’re feeling fatigued it’s often your technique that will go first but if you want to be a good crossfitter then this is something you’re going to have to work on.

In today’s post we’re going to look at the infamous “Girls” CrossFit workouts. Now, when we say the ‘girls’ this doesn't mean they are CrossFit workouts for women, far from it. It’s just the names that were given to the CrossFit workouts back in the day when they were first programmed.

Here’s 14 of the best CrossFit workouts we think you should try at least once:

1. CrossFit ISABEL

Snatch 135 pounds (61kg/43kg), 30 reps for time

2. CrossFit MARY

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:

5 handstand pushups
10 1-legged squats, alternating legs
15 pull-ups

3. CrossFit JACKIE

For time:
Row 1,000 meters
50 Thrusters 45/35 pounds (20/15kg)
30 pull-ups

4. CrossFit KAREN

Wall ball 150 shots

Target is 10 feet
Full squat required
20/14 pound ball (9/6kg)

5. CrossFit LINDA

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 rep rounds for time of:

Clean 3/4 bodyweight
Bench bodyweight
Deadlift 1 1/2 bodyweight

This workout was known as the “Three Bars of Death” and is a very challenging WOD

6. CrossFit NANCY

Five rounds for time of:

Run 400 meters
Overhead squat 95/65 pounds (43/29kg), 15 reps

7. CrossFit ANGIE

For time:

100 pull-ups
100 push-ups
100 sit-ups
100 squats

8. CrossFit BARBARA

5 rounds for time with 3 minutes rest between rounds

20 pull-ups
30 push-ups
40 sit-ups
50 squats

9. CrossFit CHELSEA

EMOM for 30 minutes

5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 squats

10. CrossFit DIANE

21-15-9 reps
3 rounds for time

Deadlift 225/155lbs (102/70kg)
Handstand push-ups

11. CrossFit ELIZABETH

21-15-9 reps
3 rounds for time

Clean 135/95 pounds (61/43kg)
Ring dips

12. CrossFit FRAN

21-15-9 reps
3 rounds for time

Thruster 95/65 pounds (43/29kg)

13. CrossFit GRACE

30 reps for time

Clean and Jerk
135/95 pounds (61/43kg)

14. CrossFit HELEN

3 rounds for time
400 meter run
21 American kettlebell swings (24/16kg)
12 Pull-ups 


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