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Benefits of Grass Fed Whey Protein

We don't typically like to preach about how good our products are. We prefer for people to try them, notice a difference, and then tell their friends about us. We have some very loyal customers that have been coming to ICON since day 1 and we are truly grateful to those people.

We wanted, however, to use this post to tell you about how good our whey protein powder is. Especially when many of the large commercial brands are shouting about how good theirs are when, quite frankly, it's a load of c*ap! If you ever see a protein powder in a major retail outlet be wary.


Well the demand for whey protein from China and Indonesia has grown in recent years and this growing demand has been driving the price of whey up and all the major supplement brands know this. That's why if you read their labels you'll notice things like pea, rice and soy protein as well as concentrate and isolate. By using other protein sources it allows them to price their products aggressively enough to be in the retail sector. This means more profits for them and a lesser quality product for you.

We're not in the business of outing our competitors so we won't name any names but let's just say it's pretty prevalent and we urge you to read labels more carefully before parting with your hard earned cash.

What's so special about our whey protein powder then?

Well, for a start it's 100% whey. This means we only use WHEY concentrate and WHEY protein isolate. There is no other protein sources, so no pea protein, rice protein or soy protein. Yes this makes the product more costly for us, but ultimately the customer is getting a much better product.

Our 100% Whey Protein Evolution is also sourced from Irish hormone free grass fed cows. This means that not only do you benefit from a far superior protein powder, but the cows benefit, and the planet too! Everyone wins apart from the big commercial brand who just lost a sale. Boohoo!

By choosing a grass fed whey protein means you're getting the following extra benefits:

1. No growth hormones: Hormones are used to raise cattle by making them bigger faster with lots more milk. This also makes the cows more susceptible to getting ill. It also lowers your risk of having any side effects from the added hormones in your whey powder.

2. Complete Amino Acid profile: Cows that are allowed to graze freely on grass produce a much higher quality milk that's rich in essential amino acids. This helps us build lean muscle and it will also boost our skins collagen production.

3. Non GMO: Grass fed cows means they are not eating things like corn which are often genetically modified. Anything genetically modified contain harmful pesticides and are linked to a number of health issues.

4. Superior health benefits: Whey protein has many health benefits apart from just building muscle. It's good for nail and hair growth, detoxification, and growth of healthy intestinal flora. The latter is very important as a healthy gut is something which we should all try to maintain especially as 70% of our immune system in located in our gut.

5. Better for the planet: Grass fed cows produce significantly less methane compared to cows that are forced to eat corn. Methane is one of the biggest contributors of greenhouse gases that are linked to climate change.

6. Superior taste and texture: A grass fed whey protein powder is going to taste smooth, clean and sweeter - but not the horrid sweet taste produced from adding in too much sucralose. We only add 0.1% sucralose to our whey powder, the absolute minimum needed to produce a really nice tasting protein shake.

If you finished reading this have a look at our 100% Whey Protein Evolution here. It comes in 5 delicious flavours. Molten Choc, Strawberry Milkshake, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Cinnamon Vanilla Swirl. The latter is great for cooking healthy treats with!

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