• Hydration & Sporting Performance

    When it comes to improving your performance and giving you the edge over the competition a lot of people immediately start to look at supplements, new training routines, exercises etc. Maybe they may look in to their nutrition strategies or even lifestyle/sleep (which is great!) But not a lot o... View Post
  • RAMP Warm up Method – Time efficient & effective stratedgy

    The R.A.M.P Warm up method is a number of goals that should be included within your warm up for it to be ideal, effective and sufficient. It is broken down to 4 goals… Raise –  Raise the Heart Rate, temperature, breathing, oxygen delivery to the muscles Activate – The muscle groups Mobilise – T... View Post
  • Nutrition – Priorities for results!

    In the world of Nutrition it is very easy to be confused, not knowing where to start or who’s advice you should listen to and can soon be quite easy to sack it off all together. I like to take a simple approach with my nutrition, KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!). If we look at the pyramid in the p... View Post