• If you are doing any kind of exercise whether it is weights, cardio, or endurance training, then you benefit from protein over the UK government’s current recommendation of 55g per day. The Best Whey protein offers an easy and quick way to raise your daily intake, particularly after your training... View Post
  • RAMP Warm up Method – Time efficient & effective stratedgy

    The R.A.M.P Warm up method is a number of goals that should be included within your warm up for it to be ideal, effective and sufficient. It is broken down to 4 goals… Raise –  Raise the Heart Rate, temperature, breathing, oxygen delivery to the muscles Activate – The muscle groups Mobilise – T... View Post
  • IGNITE – Our most potent Pre-Workout Formula

    IGNITE is our own version of what an effective and efficient Pre-workout should be, no gimmicks, just real ingredients at the correct dosages that have been proven to work. Many pre workout formulas either A) Give you a massive buzz followed by a nasty come down. B) Give you stomach issues or C) ... View Post