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Why do you need whey protein?

If you are doing any kind of exercise whether it is weights, cardio, or endurance training, then you benefit from protein over the UK government’s current recommendation of 55g per day. The Best Whey protein offers an easy and quick way to raise your daily intake, particularly after your training session when you might not be inclined to cook and eat the meal. 

But it’s vital to think of the clue is in the name of supplements. They are manufactured to fill in the dietetic gaps of a complete and varied diet. You get the majority of daily dietary protein from red and white meat, and fish is the way to go because you’ll also take the vital minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients energetic to best health. Supplements should be used to fill the gap when food is unavailable or to expensive for you to hit your protein goals.

How to select Whey Protein according to Your Body?

Which whey protein should you select depending on your body type? Which whey protein type would suit you best? Below are of some questions that are asked by fitness enthusiasts and has turn into one of the main discussion among gym-beginners.

Selecting the best Whey Protein which work best with your health and fitness goal. 

  • For Gaining Weight: These proteins help you in gaining weight and Whey Concentrate is the best option for you while for decreasing weight Whey Isolate is a better option.

  • For Lactose Intolerance: People should select Hydrolysate or Whey Isolate if they are lactose intolerant as Isolate and hydrolysate have lactose filtered out, while Whey Concentrate has a higher concentration of lactose.

  • Also, many researchers have documented the potential of pre-workout protein consumption to improve athletic performance. Before exercise, eating protein alone or with carbs shown to increase muscle protein synthesis.

    One other study showed a positive anabolic response after partakers take 20 grams of whey protein before exercise.

    Advantages of eating Whey proteins:

    There are many advantages of eating why protein before exercise

    • Improved muscle recovery
    • Increased strength and lean body mass
    • A better anabolic response, or muscle growth
    • Increased muscle performance

    Other Supplements To Consider:

    Athletes with a high-performance output should ICON Nutrition’s OMEGA 3 supplementing that helps in

    • accelerate recovery
    • decrease inflammation on a cellular level
    • Improve an athlete’s ability to perform at maximum capacity. 

    This makes OMEGA 3 a go-to supplement for Olympic weightlifters, Cross Fitters, and elite level athletes.

    Benefits of using ICON Nutrition’s OMEGA 3

    1. Omega 3 capsules contain EPA/DHA that controls triglycerides levels in your body. The main purpose of triglycerides to store additional food calories and deliver energy to the body in between meals. 
    2. During all the day, Omega 3 capsules improve normal triglycerides level that keeps the body energized. Competing athletes may benefit from a higher dose of EPA/DHA (5-7 grams per day or 10-14 Omega 3 capsules) that they should get from food sources such as wild-caught fish. If this is not possible then an Omega 3 supplement help to boost EPA/DHA intake should be considered.
    3. Omega 3 capsules reduce age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Usage of fish oil capsules is more effective than using fish oil liquid supplements. 
    4. DHA improves the eyesight and puts light of life back in your eyes with daily use. Also, these capsules can prevent eye diseases. 
    5. ICON Nutrition’s OMEGA 3 is cold filtrated and molecularly distilled to make sure best purity. Using the world’s wild-caught anchovies from sustainable fisheries in Peru, we secure the most concentrated and purest fish oil. We then collectively guarantee each dosage is in a high-spec 3:2 EPA/DHA ratio for optimum human absorption rates.


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