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When Do You Need a Recovery Drink?

There is no doubt that recovery drinks have gained a lot of popularity in the sports and fitness world due to their beneficial effects. However, it is a common confusion among people that when they need it and at what time of the day they should consume it.

This article answers this frequently asked question in detail. We have also discussed recovery drinks so that you can understand their effectiveness and health benefits.

Recovery Protein Supplement

What is a recovery drink?

A recovery drink is used to boost the natural recovery process and help the body get rid of the side effects of exercise faster. If you are unaware of which side effects we are talking about here then these side effects are muscle soreness, muscle fatigue, and lack of energy.

To perform different exercises you need to provide energy to your body so that your muscles can work. During exercise, your body consumes more nutrients and energy than it normally does. You need to restore the levels of used nutrients and energy to help your body keep performing normal tasks.

You can get these nutrients from natural food sources. In fact, you should always make them your first priority. But as athletes have more nutritional demands compared to normal people, it becomes difficult for them to eat a large amount of food to meet this demand. Therefore, they choose recovery drinks to increase their nutrient intake.

You should never use a recovery drink as a natural food replacement. It should always be taken as a supplement.  

What does a recovery drink contain?

A recovery drink is made by keeping in mind the nutrient demands of the athletes and bodybuilders. Carbohydrates, proteins, and electrolytes are its main ingredients. However, their construction can vary from one manufacturer to the other. Some also add other nutrients like vitamins, amino acids, etc.

What is the importance of a recovery drink?

The importance of recovery drinks is determined by the importance of their constituents. Let’s discuss the value of each key ingredient in order to find the value of a recovery drink.


Proteins are the macromolecules that build body muscles. During a workout, it is natural for the muscle fibres to experience breakage and damage. Your body needs protein to repair the damaged fibres and rebuild the broken fibres.

When you drink recovery supplements, you actually provide that required protein to your body which results in a stimulated recovery process. It also increases the production of muscle proteins in the body. [1] Not only that but also helps with the muscle soreness that is commonly felt after each workout. [2] So, in conclusion, protein is very important for healthy muscles. It increases muscle mass, makes them stronger, reduces muscle fatigue, and increases overall performance.  

All these benefits of protein intake are actually the benefits of recovery proteins because protein is their key ingredient.


Carbohydrates or carbs are the main energy source in your body. You spend a lot of energy during exercise due to which its level drops. Taking carbs after a workout will make sure that you get the raw material required to make energy. Your body will convert carbohydrates into glycogen molecules which your muscle cells will change into energy molecules when they need it.

Carbs are also a component of recovery drinks. So, it shows that recovery drinks can help you to restock glycogen stores.


Recovery drinks also have electrolytes. These are the small charged bodies that play various roles in the bodies. They help the muscles to execute their function and maintain their normal contraction and relaxation.  [3]

You lose many electrolytes through sweating that occurs excessively during a workout. So, you need to restore electrolytes in the body in order to avoid electrolyte deficiencies.

Recovery drinks contain most of the important electrolytes that your body needs. So, drink this supplement to boost your electrolyte levels.

When do you need a recovery drink?

Recovery drinks are for active people who perform different exercises regularly. You should consume a recovery drink after the workout because it is the time when your body starts recovering but it lacks the spent up nutrients that it needs to recover fast. Experts believe that taking a recovery drink within 45 after exercise is the best time to consume it. Therefore, try to take it after the workout so that you can enjoy its beneficial effects more.

ICON Recovery Protein Powder

ICON Recovery Protein Powder is a very effective and useful supplement available in the market. It is manufactured in the UK and contains organic nutrients. Four of its main ingredients include carbs, whey protein isolate, electrolytes, and antioxidants.

The ratio of carbs to protein is 2:1 which is suitable and convenient for gym-goers. This supplement is sold in two delicious flavours so that consumers can enjoy the protein-rich drink like other drinks. Its two flavours are apple and raspberry flavour and lemon crush flavour.

What makes it different from many recovery powders available in the market is that it also has antioxidants which many supplements do not have. These antioxidants scavenge damaging free radicals that can induce DNA mutation, early ageing, etc.

It also has whey protein which is a complete protein because it has all the essential amino acids. This protein is also fast-acting compared to the other forms of protein which make it more effective and beneficial for recovery. So, grab your ICON Recovery Powder bottle and let the supplement help you ease muscle fatigue!

The bottom line

As a recovery drink is meant to help the muscles recover fast, it is important to take it at the right time, which is the time after a workout. It is because after the workout you are short of energy and a few important nutrients. So, restocking these nutrients and energy with the help of a recovery drink will eventually help the muscle recovery process to speed up.



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