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Why Should You Take a Vitamin K2 D3 Supplement?

Vitamin K2 and D3 are fat-soluble vitamins and perform important roles. Studies have found that both vitamins work together in maintaining different processes in the body which makes them a perfect pair of vitamins. They are particularly involved in working synergistically in maintaining bone health.

This article has explained the relationship between vitamin K2 and D3. It has also highlighted the main health benefits of these hormones. So, keep reading to find why you should take a vitamin K2 D3 supplement.

What is vitamin K2?

Vitamin K2 is a form of vitamin k. It is a fat-soluble vitamin and is mostly stored in the fat and liver tissues. The natural sources of vitamin K2 include fermented foods, and animal products like cheese, meat, and eggs. People also take vitamin K2 supplements if they cannot take enough amounts through diet.  

It is involved in many important processes and improves body health in several ways. Its main role is in maintaining bone health. Other than that, it can improve bone health, prevent heart diseases, reduce tooth decay, and maintain skin health.  

What is vitamin D3?

Like vitamin K2, D3 is also a fat-soluble vitamin. It is a type of vitamin d which is also called the sunshine vitamin because it is mainly produced when your body is exposed to the sunlight. The natural food sources of vitamin D3 include fish, red meat, egg yolk, and fortified foods. Its supplements are also available for people who do not get a sufficient amount of vitamin D3 through diet.

Like vitamin K2, it is also involved in maintaining bone health. Other health benefits of taking vitamin D3 include improved heart health, mood elevation, weight loss, etc.

Vitamin K2 and D3 combination

When it comes to bone health and calcium metabolism, vitamin K2 and D3 make a perfect pair. Both are involved in metabolizing and depositing calcium in order to strengthen bones and improve their health. Let’s see how they control the metabolism of calcium together.

The chief role of vitamin D3 is in absorbing calcium from the food content and increasing its concentration in the blood. [1] Vitamin D3 cans also increase calcium concentration by taking calcium from the bones. It happens when you do not take a sufficient amount of calcium through the diet.

Now that vitamin D3 has brought calcium into the bloodstream, it is time for the vitamin K2 to determine where to take calcium in the body. It will control this by promoting calcification. It will boost the production of a protein called osteocalcin. This protein will promote the deposition of calcium on your teeth and bones to solidify them and increase their strength. [2]

Vitamin K2 promotes the calcification of bones by reducing the calcification of soft tissues such as kidneys. It promotes the synthesis of matrix GLA protein. This protein has the role of preventing calcification of soft tissues. [3] Preventing calcification of soft tissues is crucial to protect them from life-threatening diseases.

These pieces of evidence show that vitamin K2 ds works together and therefore it is important to maintain their levels in the body so that both can work together efficiently. Due to their role, they are combined in the form of vitamin K2 k3 supplement. The purpose of these supplements is to help consumers take both vitamins through one source rather than having them through a different source.

Possible health benefits of the vitamin K2 D3 supplement

There are multiple benefits of taking vitamin K2 D3. As they are combined in the vitamin K2 D3 supplement so they may also show the same health effects as the vitamins show separately. Below are their key scientifically proven health benefits.

Increases bone health

As mentioned earlier vitamin K2 controls the production of two important proteins called matrix GLA protein and osteocalcin. These proteins deposit blood calcium on the bones and teeth. This protects bones from age-related bone mineral density by slowing down this natural process. It also prevents bone diseases like osteoporosis which is a more common condition among menopausal women.

In one study, more than 200 menopausal women were given K2 supplements. At the end of the research, it was discovered that these women had more bone mineral density than the menopausal women who took a placebo. [3]  

In a Japanese study, it was found out that vitamin K2 strengthens bones and prevents them from fractures and breakage. A group of women was given vitamin K2 supplements. Their spinal fracture rate reduced by 60%, and hip fracture rate reduced by 77%. [4]

Vitamin D3 which is also a part of the vitamin K2 D3 supplement also helps with bone health by maintaining the calcium and phosphorus levels in the bloodstream. Several studies indicate that people who suffer from osteomalacia (a bone condition in which bones become fragile and soft) have vitamin D3 deficiency. [5] It can also lead to osteoporosis and pain in the bones.

These studies show that both vitamins are crucial for healthy bones. Any deficiency in vitamin K2 and D3 can lead to fragile and weak bones. Therefore, if you have weak bones and are suffering from a bone condition then talk to your doctor about the vitamin K2 D3 supplement and use it according to his recommendations.

Boosts the immune system

Both vitamin K2 and D3 have been found to be very effective in maintaining the immune system. Vitamin D3 is particularly known to boost the immune system when you have a cold or flu. Its exact role is not clear due to the complexity of the immune system and its pathways.

Some studies show that people who are deficient in vitamin D3 are at risk of catching infections. [5] They also have a higher risk of developing autoimmune diseases. Although autoimmune does not develop if you have a deficiency of this hormone it increases the symptoms and makes the condition worse. [6] A 2018 review shows that vitamin D3 gives the body protection against the influenza virus and its deficiency increases your chances of getting its infection. [7]

Vitamin K2 is a cofactor for many plasma proteins. So, it can also help stimulate inflammatory responses and the immune system. [8] Therefore, if you have a weak immune system and often have a cold and flu, you may not have sufficient vitamin K2 and D3 in your blood to provide you with enough protection. Keep your levels of these vitamins balanced by taking a vitamin K2 D3 supplement.

May help with fighting off cancer

Cancer is one of the most fatal and common diseases in the world. In 2018 alone, around 9.5 million people died because of cancer worldwide. [9] Even though with the advent of technology, new and new treatments of cancer are coming to the surface, its cases are still increasing worldwide.  Therefore, it is important to prevent yourself from this disease by following effective preventive strategies.

Researchers have studied the connection between cancer and vitamin K2 vastly. Many studies prove that vitamin K2 can help with increasing the rate of survival and decreasing the rate of liver cancer recurrence. [10, 11] But more research needs to be conducted to show the clearer relationship between cancer and vitamin K2.

The effect of vitamin D3 on cancer is not very well known. Only a few studies have been done on them. One study showed that taking vitamin D may reduce death due to cancer by up to 16%. [12] So, taking a vitamin K2 D3 supplement may help you fight off this disease. But do not take this supplement without asking your doctor.

May improve your dental health

As we have already talked about the role of vitamin K2 in calcification, it is believed that it can solidify teeth and improve their health as it improves the health of bones. Osteocalcin, whose production is stimulated by the vitamin K2, deposits the calcium layer on teeth and gives them strength. [13] Studies have also found that osteocalcin can also trigger the production of healthy and new dentin. It is a tissue present beneath teeth enamel. It protects and strengthens them. [14]

Vitamin D3 increases the availability of calcium in the blood which is used by the vitamin K2 to deposit on teeth. It shows the importance of both vitamin K2 and D3 in dental health. If you have weak teeth then there is a possibility that taking a vitamin K2 and D3 supplement may help.  

May prevent heart diseases

If vitamin K2 stimulates the calcification of teeth and bones it also prevents the calcification of soft tissues such as arteries. The accumulation of calcium in arteries can lead to serious health issues like heart strokes. Therefore, it is important to prevent this calcification.

In one study, researchers analyzed the risk of artery calcification in people who took high vitamin K2 for 7 to 10 years. Researchers discovered that people who had a moderate amount of vitamin K2 in their bloodstream and had maintained it over the years were at 52% low risk of developing artery calcification and 57% low risk of having heart disease. [15]

Therefore, taking vitamin K2 D3 supplement may give you protection from heart diseases by maintaining the concentration of calcium in the bloodstream. Consult your doctor before taking any vitamin K2 D3.

Where can I buy the vitamin K2 and D3 supplement?

ICON K2 D3 supplement 2-in-1 formula is a safe, clean product that can help you to strengthen your bones and enjoy a fast recovery if you have injured a bone. This formula contains 100 microgram of vitamin K2 and 100 micrograms of D3. Its manufacturers have obtained these vitamins from plant sources. It is a 100% non-GMO product and does not have banned elements. There are 180 capsules in one bottle, which is available at a very reasonable price. If you want to reinforce your immune system and make your bones stronger then taking these effective supplements might be the right choice for you.  


The bottom line

Vitamin K2 D3 work in unison and maintain your overall health. They are highly crucial for a healthy skeletal system and robust immune system. Vitamin K2 and D3 supplements are an effective source of both hormones. You will not have to get different supplements for each vitamin when you can have a supplement that contains both of them.


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