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Why You Should Drink Whey Protein?

Why you should drink whey protein? If you want a single reason to take a whey protein supplement, think beyond. It has much to serve you. 

Whey protein helps to control your hunger, contributes to weight loss, heal your body, and assists in fighting against chronic diseases. It is also a great option for individuals striving for muscle gain. 

In this article, you will learn how whey protein helps to suppress your mid-day cravings and lead a healthy lifestyle by losing weight. We will discuss many more reasons of why you should consume a whey protein shake. 

Whey Protein Powder

Reduces hunger pangs and helps losing weight

Taking whey protein in your diet is a great way to help combat unusual cravings, hunger pangs, and pave the path to lose weight. It is a highly satiating macronutrient that makes you feel full and suppress cravings and desire for food all day. 

In a study, researchers examined the effect of whey protein on 28 obese men and found striking results. They offered men four different kinds of drinks, the men taking 5O grams of whey protein had a significantly lower level of hormone that informs the brain of the huger level. [1] So, they had a better control over their hunger and controlled their eating desire well. 

Similarly, protein intake helps to make you fit and lose weight by promoting fat loss. This weight loss strategy is directly linked to controlled appetite. When you consume whey protein, it suppresses your appetite that leads to reduced calorie intake, and as a result, your body’s metabolism boosts. In this way, your body burns fats to perform daily tasks and you are transformed from full-figured to a smart person. 

Assists in fighting against diseases

If you want to keep your body safe and fight against chronic inflammation, bowel disease, diabetics, and cancer, whey protein might be a must-have in your food plan. 

Inflammation: When your body gets hurt, inflammation is the first line of defense, but under certain circumstances, it becomes chronic and causes other diseases. Whey protein supplements reduce other body protein, C- reactive protein, which is associated with inflammation in the body. [2]

Bowel diseases: Whey protein can also help with bowl diseases. Your body needs some soothing food that is beneficial to the lining of the tract and you can use whey protein supplements for such a healing effect.  

Diabetics: Whey protein might be used as a supplementary treatment for diabetics, particularly, chronic type-2. We all know diabetes is related to sugar level and insulin. Whey protein does a favorable job for the body by increasing insulin sensitivity and insulin production.[3]

Cancer: Cancer is a lethal disease infecting people all around the globe and is immensely increasing. Unfortunately, it runs in families and you need to be extra cautious to protect yourself. First, don’t underestimate the regular cancer screening and side by side, do your best to keep yourself safe from cancer. Some studies have shown that whey protein is effective against prostate and colon cancer but more research needs to be done to prove it.     

Increases muscles size and strength

If you are eager to have robust muscles, make up your mind to add whey protein to your supplements. Naturally, muscles weaken with age and lose strength. Whey protein is packed with amino acids good for regaining muscle mass and strength. Whey protein triggers the production of certain enzymes in the body that speed up muscle repair and strengthen gradually. 

Whey protein also releases certain hormones that stimulate muscle growth. [4] A good reason for muscle strength with whey protein is it is absorbed faster than other proteins. So, if you are also struggling with muscle gain, must use this protein in addition to others. 

When compared to other protein supplements, whey protein is far more effective in gaining muscle mass than others proteins. The ideal time to take whey protein for muscles is right before, after, or during the workout as muscle protein synthesis is maximized after a physical workout. If you are a gym enthusiast, don’t miss this amazing protein as a dietary supplement. 

Lowers cholesterol level and blood pressure

Whey protein may help lowering cholesterol levels and decrease blood pressure. High cholesterol levels, hypertension, and extremely high blood pressure are leading causes of chronic heart diseases. Taking control over hypertension and stress is a way to fight against cardiovascular diseases and whey protein can assist you. In a study, 70 overweight men and women were given whey protein for 12 weeks and measured different parameters. Researchers discovered a significant decrease in cholesterol of individuals taking whey protein as compared to another group of people consuming casein, a different milk protein. [5]

Is whey protein safe to drink every day?

Whey protein is completely safe to drink every day unless you exceed the limit. It is recommended to take 1 to 2 scoops a day, about 25 to 5O grams but when you take an overdose, it can result in nausea, cramping, pain, or diarrhea. If you have liver or kidney issues, must also take care in its consumption or consult your medical care provider to prevent any complication. 

Can whey protein make you fat?

Whey protein is free from depositing belly fat and does not make you feel fat. Some people misinterpret its muscle-making property with weight gain but both are different aspects. It helps to lower the weight but if consumed after training, it builds muscle and makes them strong. 


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