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3-Day Full Body Routine To Gain Muscle And Strength

3-Day Full Body Routine To Gain Muscle And Strength

Full body training is simple in concept - you train your entire body in one workout. But what makes a good full-body workout routine?

There are quite a few variables that determine the effectiveness of a full-body routine. For example ... the choice of exercise is key.

Some full-body workouts involve doing a lot of exercises targeting specific muscle groups individually (isolation exercises), while others require fewer compound movements that involve multiple muscle groups.

The latter is more effective than the first, so the weight lifting routines most popular involve full body bench press, the military press, the squat, and deadlift among others.

The key point of this full-body routine, for example, is the mechanical advantage of work.

This concept has been discussed several times to increase muscle tension, which is to switch to a similar, but slightly different exercise, rather than reducing weight to continue performing repetitions.

In the context of this program, we are using it to increase the strength of the ability to stimulate a certain movement pattern.

Explanation Of The Full Body Routine

In this  workout, we are not extending sets. We are doing all the sets in one exercise and then moving into a similar movement pattern to perform more sets.

The two mechanical advantage points of effective work in this plan are, first, not to use a move that is very different from the first.

Second, make sure you organize the two exercises correctly. You should always be stronger in the second exercise, or else your overall performance will suffer.


In fact, the first set of the second exercise should always feel relatively easy with the weight used in the last set of the first exercise.

3-Day Full Body Routine (Intermediate Level)

This full-body routine is actually a lot simpler than it sounds.

The sessions begin with a simple abdominal exercise (to begin with a small warm-up of our core in general), followed by two exercises with mechanical and muscular advantage, ending with supersets that work independently of each other.

Training Day 1

  • Hanging Knee Raises 3x10 / 15
  • Front squat 4 × 4/6
  • Traditional squat 4 × 4/6


  • Decline Dumbbell Bench Press 4 × 8/10
  • Pull-Over on high pulley arms extended 4 × 10/15


  • Lateral raises 3 × 10/12
  • EZ Bar Press (with stop) 3 × 8/10

Training Day 2

  • Bench Press (With 2sec pause) 4 × 4/6
  • Bench press 4 × 4/6 (touch chest and climb fast)


  • Barbell Row 4 × 6/8
  • Leg press 4 × 20/30


  • Alternate Dumbbell Curl 4 × 6/8
  • Dumbbell Bird (Bent Over) 4 × 20/25

Training Day 3

  • One-arm iron or board 4x10sec
  • Deadlift (Snatch-grip wide grip) 4 × 4/6
  • Deadlift 4 × 4/6


  • Neutral Grip Chest Pulls 4 × 8/10
  • Military press 4 × 6/8


  • Alternate Leg Curl on Machine (Standing) 3x10 / 12
  • Plate Bicep Curl 3x10 / 12


  • Machine openings 3 × 12/15
  • Weighted Calves (Dumbbells) 3 × 10/15

Nutritional Approach To This Full Body Routine

Due to the strong focus and heavy workload of each day, you are going to need a ton of calories to support your training.

NOTE: This is not suitable for a low-calorie fat loss plan. Make sure you get enough protein, carbohydrates, and fat each day.

On non-training days, you can lower your carbohydrates or total calories a bit, if body fat is currently an issue.

We recommend simple stimulation recovery methods like the foam roller, basic and quick mobility work, or much, easier, walking.

On training days, if you can use some kind of pre-workout before and during each session, you are giving your body a gigantic opportunity to reactivate growth and recovery.

Especially since you are exercising everything from head to toe in each session, and you need all the advantages of recovering as soon as possible and being ready for the next training day of this full-body routine.

Try the plan for 4-8 weeks and see how your body handles the frequency. The best-case scenario will be that you add a little muscle and increase your maximum weights, in addition to your strength.


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