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5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Crossfit Performance

Working on your weak points, chasing the most efficient technique, and sprinting in the last 2 minutes of the AMRAP will help you get better results on your next WOD. However, in addition to working harder, you can add several tricks to your daily routine and enjoy performance improvements without extra pushing efforts in the box. Here you go:

  1. Get ready for the workouts. Prepare your weekly training plan yourself or check tomorrow’s WOD beforehand. Research effective strategies or create your own, have a plan for the workout. In this way, you will be more present and engaged in every minute of the training session.

  2. Do your mobility. Limited mobility is a detrimental issue for your performance. Olympic weightlifting starts with the solid position - starting or receiving. Gymnastics is based on efficient hollow and arch positions. Stretch and mobilize at least 2-3 times per week, working on your tight areas.

  3. Fuel your body. Eat clean, focus on whole food and don’t forget about greens. Take proper care of your body and make sure you get all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and other essential elements. If it becomes difficult to obtain everything from the meals, consider adding the necessary best supplements for CrossFit to your diet.

  4. Become a part of the community. Comparing and competing often help to push yourself a bit harder and do more than you think is possible. We suggest working with a training partner or a group, joining an online leaderboard or any other community to stay tuned.

  5. Recover as hard as you work in the box. We become stronger, faster and more enduring while we rest between the training sessions. Recovery comes in many forms - from taking enough rest days to proactively helping the tissues to heal faster. Stretch, mobilize, foam roll, go to the sauna, swim, get a massage, take a warm bath, sleep 7 hours +, and your body will get ready to perform at a high level the next day.

We suggest starting from one of the methods to boost your performance and implement the rest one by one. Join us to receive future updates and become a part of our community!

Sports Supplements And CrossFit

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