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What are the Benefits of Casein Protein?

f you are looking to improve your metabolic rate, build muscle mass, reduce appetite, and provide your body with a steady flow of amino acids, then casein protein might be one of the most effective ways to do so.

Casein protein makes 80% of the cow milk protein. It is obtained as a by-product of the cheese-making process. Micellar casein protein is the common form of casein supplement that people use worldwide because it digests slowly and has multiple health benefits.

This article explains the main reasons why people take a casein supplement. Keep reading to discover the health benefits of casein protein that are backed by science.

Micellar Casein

Health benefits of casein protein

Micellar Casein Build muscles

Casein supplement is a good choice for people interested in building their muscles fast. It contains all the essential amino acids, which makes it a complete protein. Your muscles need these amino acids to build. Micellar casein protein is also a rich source of leucine amino acid that initiates the production of muscle proteins. [1]

In a study, researchers divided participants into two groups. One group took a casein supplement, while the other took no protein supplement. In the end, researchers found that muscle growth was double and fat loss was triple in the casein group compared to the placebo group. [2]

Micellar casein protein also prevents protein breakdown and increases long-term muscle mass. Protein breakdown may occur during sleep when you do not eat food for quite a long duration. That is why people prefer taking a protein supplement before bedtime.

Micellar Casein Improve metabolic rate

Casein protein also helps with improving metabolic rate. In a small study, participants who took casein noticed increased metabolic rate during the night. They also noticed an improved fat balance. [3] So, casein might be one of the easiest ways of increasing your fat loss.

Micellar Casein May reduce appetite

People struggling with weight loss or finding it hard to keep their stomach full between meals may find casein protein helpful. Like other animal proteins, casein protein also keeps you full for longer, and in this way, it reduces your appetite. It also takes a long time to get fully digested and keeps providing amino acids to the body slowly.

In this way, micellar casein protein helps with reducing appetite and maybe weight, too. A lot of people take casein powder shakes between meals so that they do not have cravings for the snacks.  

Micellar Casein Excellent source of beneficial nutrients

Micellar casein protein is a natural source of calcium and bioactive peptides. So, taking a casein powder shake will give you more than just casein. Calcium is an important element that helps your muscles, bones, and teeth to grow and function normally. It is also required during many metabolic reactions. [4]

The bioactive peptides that casein supplements provide work like some of the blood pressure medications. These peptides are known to help with high blood pressure. They lower the blood pressure as commonly prescribed blood pressure medications do. [5]

The steady flow of amino acids

Casein is a slow-release protein which means it releases its amino acids at a slower pace for a longer duration. That is why if you have not eaten for a long time, your body, instead of breaking down your muscle cells to feed itself, will start utilizing amino acids provided by the micellar casein protein to make new protein molecules.

One study tested how fast casein and whey protein digest in the body. The researchers gave both proteins to two different groups. They found that the bloodstream of the participants had amino acids in their blood for up to seven hours after taking the protein. [6]

It means that casein supplement might be one of the most effective methods of maintaining a steady flow of amino acids. It will help you keep protein balance and reduce protein breakdown within the body.

A healthy pre-bedtime snack - Micellar Casein

Fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders consider the casein supplement an ideal bedtime snack. When you sleep, your body starts the natural repairing process. During this process, your muscles, including other tissues of the body, repair after working throughout the day.

So, when you provide your body with the casein supplement during this period, you actually assist your body to heal faster. As a result, your muscles recover fast and grow more.  A study conducted in 2012 found that participants who consumed micellar casein protein before sleep had an improved post-exercise overnight recovery. They also maintained whole-body protein balance. [7]

So, next time when you have nighttime cravings, consider a casein protein shake as the best healthy option.

Other benefits of casein protein

  • Micellar casein protein dissolves into amino acids and peptides within the body. Some of these peptides may have antioxidant effects and help your body fight off damaging free radicals.
  • One study also suggests that taking the casein supplement may also help overweight people reduce their triglyceride levels and control their weight. [8]
  • Casein may also boost your immune system and show antibacterial properties.

The bottom line

Casein is an animal-based protein that digests in the gut slowly and helps the muscles grow and recover fast. It is a popular bedtime snack among bodybuilders who consume it to speed up their post-exercise recovery.  It also reduces appetite and thus may reduce overall appetite.

People who do not have milk allergies should take the casein supplement as a healthy and effective way of building muscles and maintaining protein balance within the body.


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