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Why has my pre workout crystallized?

Why has my pre workout crystallized?

If you are reading this then the chances are you've got a pre workout that has started to clump / crystalise, if so you may have some concerns and if it's still safe to use, and if so will it still be effective. 

Been honest with you we've had a handful of issues like this recently with our current pre workout batch, the cherry Cola in particular as it starts to darken over time and therefore we thought it would be best to answer some of the the most common questions around this here:

Why has my pre workout crystallised?

Pre-Workouts made with Natural Ingredients tend to have even more of a tendency to clump up than pre-workouts made with chemicals and artificial sweeteners.

This is because certain ingredients in pre-workouts absorb moisture from the air resulting in clumping. 

Is crystallised pre workout actually still safe to use and will be just as effective?

Crystallizing doesn't effect the safety, quality, or effectiveness however, it doesn't look great on first appearance and can be annoying having to break it up yourself so if you've experienced this we can only apologise for this.

Pre-Workouts made with Natural Ingredients tend to have even more of a tendency to clump up than pre-workouts made with chemicals and artificial sweeteners.

Are clumpy pre-workouts safe to use?

Clumpy pre-workouts are completely safe to consume however, they don't look great so we understand your concerns.

As mentioned previously in this blog, pre-workouts absorb moisture from the air, but this does not affect the safety or effectiveness however, the potential problem is it could be hard to get an accurate dose which could lead to taking too much pre-workout and feeling jittery therefore you'd be best trying to break it up into smaller powder if you can.

How to remove the clumps from your pre workout?

If you want to minimise the lumps and clumps here is some of our top tips:

Blender - This is probably the most effective way to deal with a chunky pre-workout. Simply stick your clumpy pre-workout into a blender, and blend until it's turned back into a powder however, be careful it's not to solid as we don't want it to damage you're blender of choice... NutraBullet ;-) 

Knife/Fork - Simply breaking up the powder with a knife or fork can be all you need, just be careful when handling something like this. We'd recommend a butter knife with a wooden handle if possible.

Shake Shake Shake - More for prevention then removing the clumps we'd suggest giving your pre workout tub a shake especially if you aren't using it often.

Ideally we recommend only using pre workouts when you really need them however, if you are someone who uses them regular we recommend for example 6 weeks on and 6 weeks off so you don't build up a tolerance to the pre-workout therefore when you aren't reaching for the pre workout for weeks it's best to still give it a shake or mix with a fork to keep it from forming lumps.


I hope that information helps. If you have any more questions regarding this please just let us know.

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