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Best Choices For CrossFit Protein

CrossFit protein powder became extremely popular among both fitness enthusiasts and elite athletes. And there is a good reason for that. This supplement belongs to group A of The ABCD Classification system of supplements and sports foods. The system ranks sports and dietary supplements into four groups according to scientific evidence and practical considerations, defining whether the product is safe and effective.

Group A includes supplements that proved their benefits during the test, so there is strong scientific evidence confirming the advantages of adding protein powder to your diet. In short, protein yields results and you can be sure about that.

Most of us may feel a bit lost when starting browsing through the supplements offered, trying to figure out what product will help us reach our fitness goals faster and easier. CrossFit protein may also vary and each type does different work for the athlete.

We created this simple guide below to help you choose the right CrossFit protein powder, so it meets your needs and complements your nutrition. Choose between Whey, Recovery or Hibernate proteins or combine them to achieve optimal results.

*Disclaimer - Please note ICON Nutrition is in not affiliated to or endorsed by CrossFit Inc. Views of this blog are of our own opinion and love of the sport of CrossFit*

CrossFit Protein Recovery


The purpose. Whey Protein Powder enhances muscle recovery, growth and performance. It provides the necessary amount of nutrients to maintain or build the lean muscle mass and hit the daily norm of protein.

Perfect for: people following a low-carb diet, people working on losing weight, CrossFit lovers and CrossFit pro athletes, runners, cyclists, gymnasts,, and those that compete in physique sports.

The features and benefits. A serving of Whey protein powder is a fast and easily digestible source of protein per meal. One serving provides 25G of muscle-building protein and less than 2G carbs, so you can control your daily calorie intake and have room for other sources of carbs.

Our Whey protein comes from hormone-free Irish cows that are grass-fed, it does not contain added gluten or soy. It does not have milk protein or pea protein. This is 100% WHEY, containing only whey concentrate and whey protein isolate, so you get less fat, cholesterol, and lactose.

When to take? Take 1-2 scoops for optimal recovery immediately post workout, especially the strength session. In this way, you give your muscles the amino acids they need to repair and grow. Alternatively, you may have 1 scoop 2 hours prior to working out to renew the protein supply in your body.

On other days feel free to have a shake with Whey powder or add 1 scoop to some porridge, yogurt, or pancake mix anytime to hit the daily amount of protein.



The purpose. Recovery Protein Powder helps to maintain a balanced diet, optimized recovery and muscle growth after training sessions. Its formula contains the necessary nutrients and elements for the body to get the most out of the training and recovery process.

Perfect for: bodybuilders, professional athletes, CrossFiters, weightlifters, powerlifters, runners and fitness enthusiasts.

The features and benefits. The Recovery protein powder is a mixture of carbohydrates, high-quality Whey protein powder, antioxidants and electrolytes. The 2:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio is proved to be optimal for the recovery process.

L-Glutamine protects the digestive system and decreases the recovery period between the training sessions. L-Leucine is an anabolic amino acid, enhancing muscle growth and regeneration.

Vitamin C and E are antioxidants that help remove excessive free radicals from the body after the training. The Recovery protein powder also provides the electrolytes that are lost through sweat and perspiration. This is super important for people doing CrossFit and other high-intensity training.

When to take? Take 1 scoop of the Recovery Protein Powder within 60-90 minutes after the workout to make up for the elements used during the training.



The purpose. Hibernate Casein Protein is designed for optimizing your sleep and recovery processes. Unlike Whey, casein protein is slow digesting, it stimulates protein synthesis throughout the night, contributing to muscle growth. Containing serotonin, this type of protein also may help influence sleep, maintain a normal mood, and support a healthy immune system.

Perfect for: bodybuilders, professional athletes, CrossFiters, endurance athletes, weightlifters, powerlifters, runners, fitness enthusiasts and people working to gain muscle mass.

The features and benefits. Casein is a slow-releasing protein. Taking it before going to bed allows you to avoid the catabolism process, so your muscles don’t break down.

This protein contains micellar casein with 5-HTP, which helps increase serotonin levels. Serotonin regulates the sleep/wake cycle and helps to maintain quality sleep and adequate mood. No doubt, these are essential for effective training.


When to take? Take 2 scoops mixing with hot water or milk before bed. You can also take 2 scoops of your Hibernate casein protein in a form of a mouse or a cold shake before bed.

We do hope this information will help you when choosing your protein powder, you can find out more about each product or add them to your cart below:

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