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ICON Bodyweight Ladder Workout

Bodyweight Ladder Workout

Here’s the ICON Nutrition Bodyweight Ladder designed by S&C Coach of Proactive Performance, Alex Benson. This is a simple, fun yet challenging workout.

This is our ‘official’ grading criteria for how long it should take you : )
FIREBREATHER: Before 20 mins
STRONG FINISH: Between 20-25 mins

1 set is the below:
Pull up x 1 rep
Olympic Rig Dips* x 2 reps
Press up x 3 reps
Air Squat x 4 reps
*you can substitute Olympic ring dips for normal dips off a bench if you don’t have these at your facility.

You are going to do 10 sets BUT you double the reps each set, ending up on 10 pull-ups, 20 olympic ring dips, 30 press ups, 40 air squats.

So for example, set 2 looks like this:
Pull up x 2 rep
Olympic Rig Dips x 4 reps
Press up x 6 reps
Air Squat x 8 reps

And set 3 looks like this:
Pull up x 3 rep
Olympic Rig Dips x 6 reps
Press up x 9 reps
Air Squat x 12 reps

And so on.

Post bodyweight ladder consume a whey protein shake for muscle recovery. ICON Nutrition manufacture a premium grass fed whey protein powder rich in BCAAs. Find out more info here.

Try it and drop us a comment below letting us know how you found it.

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