Protein Recipe Ideas

  • Grass Fed Protein Ferrero Rocher Recipe

    You will need:2 scoops of chocolate grass fed Irish whey protein powder by ICON Nutrition. A glug of almond/ hazelnut or coconut milk4 squares of dark chocolate (70% or above)6 hazelnuts1 tbsp chopped hazelnutsTo start, cover two plates in cling film.Put the whey protein powder in a bowl and keep... View Post
  • BCAA and Glutamine Jelly Shots

    CrossFit athlete Tom Kendall shares this awesome BCAA and Glutamine jelly shot recipe using our gluten and sugar free Amino Performance product. These are very easy to make and require just a couple of ingredients. They are perfect to use either pre, during or after a tough workout for muscle rec... View Post
  • Quick & Easy Cookies And Cream Protein Latte

    There comes a time when you just want to take your whey protein powder in a different way to just chugging it down with 200ml of water. Protein supplementation doesn't need to mundane and boring, and there are a million and one ways to take a whey protein powder. To celebrate our grass fed source... View Post
  • The perfect recipe if you just fancy something different with your whey protein!Ingredients: 1 Scoop ICON Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Evolution cinnamon vanilla/chocolate whey protein powder 1 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder (optional)1 tsp sugar or sugar substitute (I use Spleda for baking) 1/4 ts... View Post
  • Recipe: Healthy Protein & Muscle Mousse Dessert by ICON Nutrition

    A serving of four: 30g ICON Nutrition's grass fed whey protein powder (chocolate but can use different flavour if you prefer)42g Dark chocolate (high quality 70% if possible)2 teaspoons fibre powder100-200g fresh raspberry's/blueberry's or approx 20g chopped nuts for topping500g Low Fat Yoghurt (... View Post
  • Home made mini chocolate and pecan protein loaf recipe.   2 scoops ICON grass fed 100% Whey Protein Powder (Molten Chocolate) 200g ground almonds 10-15g pecans – Broken into smaller pieces 1 1/2 tsp baking powder Pinch of Himalayan salt 80ml water 4 eggs 10g organic butter 10g 100% cocoa nibs S... View Post
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  • ICON Recipe 3 - Chocolate Hazelnut Protein Shaker

    This curbs any sweet tooth and is great for recovery post exercise. It’s high in protein and heart-kind healthy fats View Post