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CrossFit WOD Ideas - Workout of the day

Bodyweight Ladder Workout Here’s the ICON Nutrition Bodyweight Ladder designed by S&C Coach of Proactive Performance, Alex Benson. This is a simple, fun yet challenging workout. This is our ‘official’ grading criteria for how long it should take you : )FIREBREATHER: Before 20 minsSTRONG FIN...
Wide grip pull-ups x 50*Dips x 50*TRX push-ups x 50*Chin-ups x 50*BOSU ball push-ups (1 hand alternating) x 50*Hanging leg raises x 50*Lying leg raises x 50*Burpees x 50*Bodyweight squats x 50*Box jumps x 50**As many sets as needed.The main thing to remember is have fun and give it your all. Can'...
Always warm up thoroughlyLet's go:Sprints x 30sRower x 250m6 setsTri-setBodyweight squats x 25Bent over rows x 15Box jumps x 153 setsTri-setDumbell shoulder press x 20Weighted walking lunges x 20Plank x 30s3 sets

High Heart Rate Workout #1

Always warm up thoroughlyLet's go:Rower (500m)Sprints (30s)Step ups (30s)Bike (30s)Body weight squats (30s)Clean and press (30s)Lunge w/ medicine ball rotation (30s)Plank (30s)Rest 60s.Repeat x 4 sets.