Recipe: Healthy Protein & Muscle Mousse Dessert by ICON Nutrition

A serving of four:
30g ICON Nutrition's grass fed whey protein powder (chocolate but can use different flavour if you prefer)
42g Dark chocolate (high quality 70% if possible)
2 teaspoons fibre powder
100-200g fresh raspberry's/blueberry's or approx 20g chopped nuts for topping
500g Low Fat Yoghurt (plain or vanilla). The thicker the better.
Melt the chocolate, then add to the whey protein powder, (already mixed with minimum water needed to turn to smooth paste).
Stir together then add yoghurt and gently fold together until well mixed.
Refrigerate in separate portions and add topping just before serving.
Will last a couple of days in fridge.
If on a bulking phase, use Greek yoghurt instead of standard low fat to increase the amount of quality calories.
Nutritional breakdown per serving (with chopped nuts topping) Approx.
Kcal: 230
Protein: 12g
Carbs: 25g
Fat: 8g


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