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  •   We’ve all heard the eat right and exercise for better health spiel at least twice in our lives (probably more). Whether it’s a conversation between you and your doctor or one that you’ve had with a parent, we all understand the importance of adopting healthy habits to improve our physical well-... View Post
  • A triathlon is a demanding multi-disciplinary sport that requires a lot of dedication and effort. Great skill in swimming, cycling and pacing the run need to be combined to make one beast of an athlete to compete in this sport. Considering the varied demands placed upon your body it just makes se... View Post
  • Crossfit is one of the greatest fitness movements of the last decades and attracts new sports enthusiasts year after year. But those who do Crossfit not only go to their physical limits but should also aim for a diet that is in harmony with the sport. In this article, you will find out what the o... View Post
  • We have described how we can sensibly lose fat with a healthy diet and CrossFit, it is now the turn of all those who want to build as much muscle mass as possible during the challenge. A few things have to be made clear in advance: In order to grow, our muscles not only need the right training s... View Post
  • When following a CrossFit training regimen, your diet is as crucial as the workout itself. You will have to adjust your diet depending on your fitness goals. For instance, you will have to add food items to your diet plan that help you lose fat if you perform CrossFit workouts for weight loss. Ha... View Post
  • When you are looking for the best whey protein powder you need to consider a few things as the best whey protein powder for you can vary depending on your goal and budget. At ICON Nutrition we keep things simple. No crazy amount of different proteins to choose from, just 3 simple versions which o... View Post
  • 5 Pre & Post Workout Nutrition Strategies

    #1 – Pre-Pre Workout Meal A meal containing Protein, Slow Carbohydrates and Healthy Fats should be consumed 2-4hrs prior to a workout. The size of this meal depends on the person and sport but try to hit all areas. Having a meal will ensure that you are providing your body with the calories and n... View Post