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Burn Maximum Calories With HIPT

The Crossfit training unit "HIPT" is the new calorie miracle - this is even confirmed by a study.

Endurance sport has so far been considered the calorie burner but running the same route over and over again gets boring at some point. Time for a change - and preferably one that burns as many calories. Here comes the best alternative: HIPT.

With "High-Intensity Power Training" - The training method is mainly used in Crossfit - you burn calories much faster and benefit from the afterburn effect. However, appropriate workouts are not suitable for everyone. 

Calorie Consumption With HIPT

HIPT - High-Intensity Power Training - promises to be a real calorie wonder. The training is based on the use of dumbbells and weights and provides for a high speed in the execution of the exercises.

The good? Endurance sport combined with weights promotes higher calorie consumption and reduces body fat in the long term. This is based on the so-called afterburn effect. This arises because training promotes higher oxygen consumption after exercise. In the short term, the basal metabolic rate increases, and more calories are burned.

A Crossfit study shows how high the calorie consumption of athletes is during a HIPT workout. While men burn around 20.5 kilocalories per minute, women burn 12.3 kilocalories per minute during the HIPT workout. This corresponds to about twice the amount that is burned when running briskly.

Another study found that 10 weeks of HIPT training reduced body fat in women and men by 3.4 percent and 4.2 percent, respectively.

The exercise programs used in both studies mainly consisted of barbell exercises (e.g. Olympic lifting) and gymnastic exercises (e.g. pull-ups) that were combined and performed by the participants as quickly as possible should.

Benefit From The Afterburn Effectm From HIPT

HIPT workouts promote the so-called afterburn effect, which has an important influence on weight loss. The afterburn effect manifests itself in increased consumption of oxygen after exercise. This increases your basal metabolic rate for a short time and you burn even more calories - even if you are already comfortable on the sofa.

Disadvantages of HIPT Workouts

During a HIPT workout, the exercises are typically performed very quickly and sometimes with little movement control. Performing exercises quickly can lead to injuries. HIPT is mainly used by CrossFit trainers who always design the training for large groups. For you as an individual participant, this means that your muscles are loaded randomly and not systematically, in contrast to classic training plans, which are only based on your goals.

Premature Exhaustion

The high energy output from high-intensity power training workouts can lead to premature exhaustion in your body. For beginners, it can therefore be advantageous to train basic endurance with the continuous endurance method (i.e. long, slow running) and only incorporate HIPT workouts into the training plan later.

Another disadvantage of HIPT is particularly interesting for bodybuilders. Because muscle hypertrophy is only a side effect, but not the actual goal of HIPT training. If you rely on HIPT, you shouldn't expect any quick success in building muscle. This only sets in after a while.

Training example with 3 different exercises:

To get a feel for how the body reacts to HIPT training, we have designed a training plan that you can try out the next time you visit the gym.

  • Burpees
  • Kettlebell Swings
  • Box jumps

Round 1: Complete the exercises in sequence with 21 repetitions each.

Round 2: Go to the second round without a break and do the same exercises in a row with 15 repetitions each.

Round 3: You start the third round again without a break, repeating each exercise only 9 times.

You design the breaks between the exercises according to your exhaustion. The weight of the kettlebell should be between 16 and 24 kilograms. The box at the box jumps should be at least knee-high. 

When jumping, always make sure to fully straighten your hips when you are standing on the box.


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