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BCAA and Glutamine Jelly Shots - ICON Nutrition

BCAA and Glutamine Jelly Shots

CrossFit athlete Tom Kendall shares this awesome BCAA and Glutamine jelly shot recipe using our gluten and sugar free Amino Performance product. These are very easy to make and require just a couple of ingredients. They are perfect to use either pre, during or after a tough workout for muscle recovery.


  • 2x scoops Amino performance (2x 12g serving)
  • 1x cup (250ml) boiling water
  • 2x leaves of unflavored gelatine


  • Boil kettle, serve up 1x cup (250mls) pouring into jug.
  • Prep gelatine leaves as per instructions
  • Dissolve gelatine into water.
  • Add Amino performance.
  • Use hand whisk (I used an electric whisk) to combine.
  • Add liquid to mould, or pour into ice cub bag (don't forget to seal).
  • Store in fridge to set.
  • Once set, BCAA and Glutamine jelly shots are ready.

 Don't forget to still stay adequately hydrated throughout the pre / during and post workout phases.

(Tom eating BCAA and Glutamine Jelly shots @TrainingShed)